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If you find yourself facing a Family Court matter, our attorneys have won impressive victories and received the very best results for their clients.

While often having intersections with Matrimonial Law, the Family Court Act of the State of New York has one principle focus: “the best interests of the child.” This specialized court deals not only with married or divorced couples on matters relating to their children, but also in cases of unmarried couples or partners, otherwise known as “domestic relations.” Family Law deals with issues of child neglect or abuse, child custody, visitation, and support, particularly “arrears,” that is, past-due payments by the party who holds a spousal obligation. The goal is at all times to keep those best interests of the child or children of the relationship at the very highest level of importance, while at the same time being zealous advocates for parents facing charges of abuse or neglect or failure to pay child support. Juvenile Delinquency issues are also handled in the Family Court.

Our attorneys are well versed with the process of Family Court matters. Take advantage of a free consultation with one of our team of Family Law attorneys. The Jagan Law Firm will be with you through every step of the process, keeping your very best interests in mind.

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